How We Do It

Besides the technical knowledge and expertise, with Atta, you get a team of professionals that communicate efficiently and build a relationship with you, based on trust.

Gathering Requirements

What's the problem you want to solve? Your target audience? Together with our client we define the key elements, solution and design.

Product Design

We work with Design Thinking Methodology and Double Diamond Framework in an agile workflow, focusing on user experience and best UX practices.

Technical Assessment

We research and decide the right blend of technologies to implement the solution. We propose a detailed software architecture and integrations with other systems.

Product Development

We cover big data, powerful visualisations, AI, mobile, web, backend, cloud and infrastructure. Great user experience mixed with state of the art engineering to deliver the best software solution for your target audience in sprints that last 2 weeks.


We guarantee a high-quality product through automated and manual testing solutions. We can do stress/load testing to ensure high availability and we then automate the deployment process and deliver the software product to your users.

"We continuously refine our processes. To be able to deliver products with impact on a global scale, we rely on best practices that we personalize taking into consideration feedback from our clients and our team members."

Alexandru Artimon

Managing Partner @ Atta Systems

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