Educational and digital tools to help consumers make the best financial decisions

Bankata is a venture backend fintech startup that helps consumer build a better financial future for them and their families. Bankata provides education and digital tools to consumers and empowers them to make the best financial decisions.


With the multitude of offers on the financial market in Romania, it is difficult to choose the right product or service that best suits your need.

Created by two experienced former bankers, Bankata brings together financial expertise and powerful software tools that leverage the latest technologies (such as cloud, API's and AI) to empower consumers to build a the best financial future for themselves and their families.

At Atta we believe that our society can benefit from free access to knowledge and information, especially in fields like the the financial sector, where there is a fair amount of complexity around the products (credits, cards, investment accounts). We resonate with Bankata's founding team, Andrei and Diana, who are committed to give financial products consumers the best knowledge and the most efficient software tools to achieve and maintain their financial goals.



Our Support

We supported Bankata from their first days. We started by building an MVP (minimum viable product), after a couple of product strategy sessions with the founding team. Then, after a couple of user research sessions, we defined the first version of the product. For this version, we aggregate almost all the financial products in the market in a single platform.

Proposed Solution

We helped create Bankata platform that provides the right financial information, compares all the products in the market to offer its clients the best option for their financial needs. Through Bankata, you can choose between hundreds of products in Romania, compare and select the most appropriate one. Also, you can apply directly at no additional cost to any products from any of Bankata trusted partners.

"Atta Systems is an extremely responsive partner, addressing change requests very quickly. The team is communicative and transparent, and so far they’ve adhered to the timeline that they created. Their industry knowledge and ability to understand business needs has made for a seamless process."

Diana Seredenciuc

Co-Founder, Bankata



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