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Ernst & Young(EY) provides consultancy services to the top players in the banking industry. Their incredible level of quality for the services provided is a result of their expertise coupled with powerful software, such as the Effective Interest Rate Calculator's (EIR). The solution developed together with our team gathers data from banks and crafts the monthly EIR reports, helping banks work efficiently.


EY experts developed a comprehensive methodology to take the necessary information and produce the monthly EIR reports. The solution proved hard to scale.  EY partnered with Atta Systems to develop a platform that automates the reporting task.



Implemented in

10 banks

Able to manage

€5 billion+

Bank clients


Our Support

We built a system that connects to a bank’s data sources, processes the required data and produces the EIR reports: 5 aggregated reports for the whole client portfolio and several individual reports (for each client in the portfolio). Reports can be viewed online in the web platform or downloaded to usual exportable formats (csv, xls). The system is designed to be deployed on a bank’s infrastructure and to leverage the existing data source and directory services (LDAP).

We helped with: user management & audit, product design (efficiently display the right data at the right time), proper usability, data flow between the banks' database and our databases.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution works as a web platform that helps the bank specialists run monthly effective interest rate calculations on their portfolio (for clients that contracted a credit with the bank).

Because EIR works with sensitive data, it is deployed within the bank premise, it is secure and all the steps that can be performed in the app are audited. To integrate easily with the bank system, we implemented LDAP so that bank personnel can log in with their own credentials.

"They kept us informed at each stage and we had a very good symbiosis. Their availability for our last-minute changes was amazing! We will definitely recommend them for future work!"

Razvan Pirnac

Senior Manager of Financial Accounting & Advisory Services @ Ernst & Young



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