The Shazam for diagnosing respiratory diseases

Eupnoos is the only respiratory smartphone app using breath sound analysis for lung function tests (similar to a spirometer) and tracks symptoms enabling better self-management. Atta Systems has been awarded the "R&D Project of the Year" for Eupnoos by ANIS Romania, the most significant software companies association in Romania.


Asthma is one of the most prevalent chronic respiratory diseases worldwide. It affects an estimated 300 million people globally. Despite the availability of effective treatment options, sub-optimal asthma control is still common. To prevent potentially life-threatening asthma attacks, patients need to be aware of early warning signs of deterioration.

Tracking variations, awareness of triggers, passively measured nocturnal cough and sleep quality, have been reported to be statistically associated with asthma control in clinical studies.




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International Awards

Our Support

Our team started to work on the Eupnoos project in early 2022. Our efforts stand at the intersections of software engineering, sound engineering, pulmonology, clinical trials, and user experience design.

We provided the following services:

  • User research: user interviews, competitive analysis
  • Audit & Due Diligence
  • UI & UX Design: user-centric design, wireframes, prototypes, stakeholder interviews, user flows, use cases/scenarios
  • Mobile development, Solutions Architecture, and Backend development: React Native, Native modules (Swift for iOS and Java for Android), Firebase, nest.js, Looker Studio.

Proposed Solution

Eupnoos enables people with respiratory conditions (e.g. Asthma, COPD) to monitor their general lung health. The app tracks changes in Peak expiratory flow and passively tracks symptoms such as nocturnal cough and sleep quality.

The app measures a person's breath and asks the user to fill in a healthcare profile. Functionalities built within the Eupnoos app:

  • Audio Signal Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Measure breath sounds
  • Real-time visual feedback
  • Need to filter out background sounds

The data acquisition on mobile devices provides real-time feedback to the users, making it easy for them to adhere to the data collection process. Also, the acquired data is processed in real-time, filtering out external noise using pre-trained AI models.

The app has been tested on 5,000+ shipyard workers in Singapore and it will go through clinical studies at Elias Hospital in Bucharest and is in the process of being CE and FDA certified.

Eupnoos has been awarded:

The Innovation Grant by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore at the Smart Port Challenge competition.

The Health Technology Regulatory and Innovation Project award by CPI.

LG's Home Innovation Challenge Winner.

"R&D Project of the Year" by ANIS Romania

"Atta Systems understands the limitations and operating conditions of startups in the healthcare industry. Atta Systems has been very proactive at making suggestions and fixing bugs, providing us with a streamlined development process. The team is flexible and transparent, and they understand the healthcare ecosystem very well."

Arshia Gratiot

Founder & CEO



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