We create meaningful software products that positively impact our clients, their tribes
and the world.

At Atta, we care about every client and team member. Our goal is to create dependable relationships based on our core values.

Andrei Blaj & Alexandru Artimon

Managing Partners @ Atta Systems

Integrity & Commitment

The basis in everything we do. We are constantly looking for like minded people, colleagues and clients. We regard each new project in terms of solving a problem for someone. It is our way to make the world better with the help of technology.

Embracing Change & Craft

We live in a world changing constantly and fast. We acknowledge it and actively seek and drive it if it is for the better. Perfection is not the result of epiphany, but simply a continuous series of try, fail, succeed.

Passion & Teamwork

We are passionate about what we do, we know there is no other way to greatness. Do what you love, love what you do, both are essential for us. Together we are stronger, that is a fact. We always act as a team and we team up with our clients so we deliver the best possible software product. Together.




New Market Value


Capital Raised by
Our Clients


Products to Market

Throughout the years, Atta Systems helped take over 30 products to market and helped create over $100 million in new market value. Our customers raised over $15M in the past 4 years.



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