Government & Administration

At Atta Systems we have proven to successfully develop and maintain software systems in partnership with big international organizations like UNICEF, The World Bank, UN, for governments and administrations all over the world. 

The next decade focuses on the digital transformation of the public sector (administration/government). Our company and our staff have the right expertise and track record to enable efficient and effective digital transformation through the use of modern technologies such as:

  • cloud computing
  • big data
  • powerful visualizations and analytics
  • AI/ML
  • mobile and web technologies.

Our company expertise also covers important and relevant topics such as data security and data privacy.

What clients say about us:

"Excellent implementation of the online platform that we designed together under very tight deadlines! The team was extremely supportive, quick, and innovative in the solutions they provided to our complex needs."

Emil Daniel Tesliuc, Senior Economist, Social Protection & Jobs @ The World Bank

"We were impressed with how quickly we were able to launch an application like this for Ukrainian refugees. The team went above and beyond to help us with such a time-sensitive task. The application was straightforward to use, our users were onboarded really fast and we manage to have an overview of the national situation. Atta Systems helps with a stress-free product development experience. We don't have a technical team in our organization and they make the whole process really easy for us. Their team is very reliable, has domain expertise, and quickly understood/adapted to our needs."

Simona Oproiu, Head of Department, Central Public Agency of Romanian Government

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