Making Islamic Finance content available to anyone

I-FIKR is a one stop Islamic Economics and Finance Knowledge Source. Our team created an easy to use mobile experience that leverages INCEIF's huge knowledge base of specific Islamic Finance content, making it available for people all over the world.


INCEIF (Malaysia) approached us with a vision to to create a mobile experience for their users and take advantage of the availability of the mobile phones and mobile apps to make their knowledge base easily accessible by anyone, from anywhere. Their vision aligns very well with out belief that education is one of the pillars that makes our society evolve for the better, and technology can greatly improve access to quality education, while greatly reducing the costs.




users and growing

Global Audience

Malaysia, US, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia and many more


Fatwas and resolutions available for subscribers

Our Support

We performed user research, user interviews, competitive analysis, market research. We included a big part of UI & UX Design, user centric design, wireframes, prototypes, stakeholder interviews, user flows, use cases/scenarios. We also contributed with web development, mobile development and backend development: React Native, React JS, node.JS, Docker, AWS, Firebase.

Proposed Solution

We created a mobile experience for iOS and Android that provides fast and easy access to the I-FIKR knowledge base.

After careful analysis and user research, we decided it makes sense to add a community layer on top of their knowledge base, that enables their users to enhance the library, educate themselves and grow together as a community. 

A couple of important features in the app are:

  • Ask Shari'ah: access to over 2,500 curated fatwas and resolutions
  • Newsfeed: important islamic economics and finance news
  • Resources: access to books, research papers, white papers
  • Community: Q&A section, social profiles and social features (comments, notifications, ability to follow)
  • Events: a curated list of important events (online and offline) with the ability to buy tickets within the app

"Users and internal stakeholders alike are pleased with the new apps, noting its usability and high-quality performance. A team of experts, Atta Systems delivered consistently and reliably, communicating well and keeping the project on track. Customers can expect a dedicated partner."

Ibraheem Musa Tijani

Product Manager, I-FIKR



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