Mobile learning experience for empowered individuals

Alux has a thriving online learning ecosystem that educates millions of people around the world. The new Alux mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices makes it easy for their users to grow on multiple dimensions like lifestyle, finance, personal, etc with easy to follow audio and video lessons.


What started out as a simple database of information on luxury brands and products, quickly evolved into a fast growing Media company that delivers inspiration, tools and knowledge to the 10 million luxury enthusiasts that consume our content on a monthly basis. Once an online magazine about the most expensive things in the world, Alux is now a thriving online community with over 3 million subscribers with the mission to make luxury and fine living accessible to as many people as possible from all over the world.

Alux wanted to make the next big step and create a unique mobile learning experience to help their community even further on their personal development journey.



3+ million

community of people

World Wide

audience: North America, Europe, South East Asia

10 million

readers monthly

Our Support

Our team started to work on the new mobile experience early 2021.

The service we provided are: 

  • User research: user interviews, competitive analysis
  • UI & UX Design: user centric design, wireframes, prototypes, stakeholder interviews, user flows, use cases/scenarios
  • Mobile development and backend development: React Native, React JS, node.JS, Docker, AWS, Firebase

Proposed Solution

While developing the Alux mobile experience, we focused on ease of use, speed and reliability.

From the first interactions with the Alux team, we realized that the app users are demanding individuals, that are looking for the best for them and their peers.

The mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, together with the backend system, built on top of a reliable and scalable infrastructure (Firebase and Amazon AWS) provide an immersive experience. The content (audio and video lessons) are center stage, together with the notes our users can take on the go to improve their learning.

"They are really good and our app looks great. We received positive feedback from our users and stakeholders, which is why we decided to continue the engagement to integrate additional features on our platform. Overall, we’re super pleased with their performance. Their ability to solve problems has been impressive, by analyzing and providing effective solutions."

Emil Anton

CEO @ Alux



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