Bold Health

Value-based Virtual Care platform for IBS pacients

Bold Health is a virtual therapeutic care provider transforming gut health by revolutionizing the treatment of digestive conditions through patient-centric care. 


With millions of individuals affected, gastrointestinal (GI) conditions drive massive medical expenditure around the world, ahead of heart disease, accidents and mental illness. Even if it's amongst the most expensive and prevalent conditions categories, gastrointestinal (GI) conditions drive extensive medical expense, but are relatively poorly served by digital innovation.

Bold Health's vision is of a world where people overcome the burden of chronic illness and live a limitless life. Its mission is to transform the gut health of millions with the most convenient, effective and efficient gastrointestinal (GI) care. The current target market for Bold Health’s Virtual Care are patients suffering from digestive health problems. Patients have access to personalized care pathways that cover every need from diagnostic to chronic or acute management.




of Americans have

recurring gut symptomps


living with

chronic GI disease


of world population

affected by IBS

Our Support

We are focused on innovation through technology. We applied our proven process together with the Bold Health Team to create a state-of-the-art software platform. Bold Health has been thoughtfully created to fit the busy lives of the users:

• patients interact with the platform through a mobile app

• caregivers (doctors/nurses/specialists) interact with the platform and their patients through a comprehensive web application

• Bold Health staff manages the whole system, including the interactions between patients and caregivers. They can get insights through a fully-fledged administration and analytics web platform.

Bold Health's Virtual Care system has been built by Atta Systems in an interconnected way through a patient web interface, patient mobile apps, clinician web platform and an admin web platform. All the software components are tightly connected through a scalable, secure and compliant backend component, on top of cloud services provided by Amazon AWS.

We've used the following tech stack:

Backend: NestJS, with a Postgres Database. Authentication was done using AWS Cognito

Frontend: React

Mobile: React Native

Infrastructure: Our Amazon Elastic Beanstalk instances run Docker containers for frontend and backend solutions

Proposed Solution

Atta Systems blends innovation and technology with evidence-based treatments making Bold Health a truly virtual therapeutic care platform. It matches members with a comprehensive specialised provider team and digital therapeutic programs. It delivers an optimal patient experience while improving health outcomes and reducing costs. Patients have access to personalised care pathways that cover every need from diagnostic to chronic or acute disease management.

For Bold Health we provided: a patient web interface (for signup & initial assessment), patient mobile apps, clinician web platform, admin web platform (back office), backend, and infrastructure.

"Atta Systems integrates well into our company; they feel like part of our team. Atta Systems follows the project timelines and responds quickly to the client's messages via Slack and Google Meet. They work in two-week sprints, have biweekly meetings, and use Jira to report on progress."

Jossy Onwude

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer @ Bold Health



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