Bridging the gap between patients and doctors

Medicai is a cloud-based healthcare startup that uses artificial intelligence to digitize the medical data space, including medical imaging. Medicai enables small and medium clinics, hospitals, doctors, and patients to securely and asynchronously collaborate and access medical imaging from anywhere. The solution we developed resolves widespread industry compliance issues, in a HIPAA and GDPR compliant way.


Managers and doctors complained they needed to carry a bag of CDs to radiologists for interpretation. Different studies confirmed that the rate of new medical imaging scans increases a lot faster than the number of new radiologists who enter the field.

With experience in the healthcare system, we helped Medicai develop its cloud-based medical imaging network that brings together patients, radiologists and clinicians in a modern and efficient manner.




CT & MRI imaging studies


Clinics & Hospitals enrolled


Active doctors

Our Support

  • User research to better understand the customer (doctors, patients, clinics, hospitals) including user interviews, competitive analysis
  • User experience design, covering the user journey of a patient and its interaction with the Medicai platform
  • User interface design, branding and the design system behind all the Medicai software components
  • Software architecture of the whole system, including integrations with clinics/hospitals infrastructure to automatically give access to the medical imaging data through Medicai's cloud PACS
  • Software engineering for the backend systems, the web apps
  • Data engineering, including AI solutions that integrate directly in the platform
  • Quality Assurance services and Continuous Monitoring solutions to make sure the uptime of the platform is close to 100%
  • Dev-Ops services for deployment of our solution in different environments: on-premise, in the cloud (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, etc)
  • Technical Assessment for regulatory purposes: HIPAA Compliance, GDPR Compliance

Proposed Solution

Our aim was to give doctors the ability to collaborate and communicate online around medical imaging in a multidisciplinary team. Once the data is uploaded to our infrastructure, the medical imaging is always available easily. This saves lots of time for both patients and doctors, especially in the situation where doctors and/or patients are in different geographical locations and time zones.

For clinics and hospitals we provide a network of efficient digital collaboration. We help clinics upgrade and transform their internal, and more importantly, their external workflows, such as: multidisciplinary collaboration, triage, medical tourism, telemedicine, A.I. solutions and more

AI is a big part of Medicai – we’ve integrated machine learning capabilities to help doctors interpret imagery faster than ever before. Until now we have improved specific repetitive tasks for radiologists by 75%.

"I can think of no better team to work with when it comes to product development. The support Atta gave us through the last year was game changing for Medicai. They are not contractors, they are part of our team. We rely on their judgement for our most complicated decisions in regard to the product."

Mircea Popa

CEO @ Medicai



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