All your urban mobility apps in one place

UrbanAir is making it easy to find an electric scooter, bike, or even a car, based on your location, removing the need to switch between urban mobility apps.


UrbanAir started as an idea to gather all urban mobility apps like Lime, Blinkee or GetPony into a single place, at a glance. “Urban” because it focuses on city transport, “Air” because it’s fast, seamless and easy to use.

While the concept itself is very simple, it quickly became very clear that such an app would greatly cut the time needed for people to find a quick ride around town plus it would also be a platform on which new services could live and grow more popular.





January 2020


60 cities

available around the world

Our Support

The mobile app was  implemented using React Native technology, the best solution for hybrid mobile development.

We chose a cost-effective implementation using React Native because we are able to write almost the same code for iOS and Android. As a result, we have to maintain less code which is great for easier and faster maintenance as well as flexible development as we can always implement components natively for iOS or Android. Parse Server is a BaaS solution perfect for mobile apps, accelerating development time and offering almost instant scalability. Parse Server on top of Heroku allows to scale up/scale down the infrastructure when needed.

Proposed Solution

We helped UrbanAir with an easy to use interface, making sure the app is easy to use and fast.

UrbanAir is a startup, and one of the strengths of a startup is speed. From the get-go, the focus has been on speed – both as a service and also from a UX perspective. The development speed met the expectations, we launched a first version of the app in 3 months. We integrated as many e-scooter services as possible right on launch.

UrbanAir enables people to filter the map and find the closest and fastest mobility service (e-scooter, cars, bikes).

After we delivered the initial version, we helped UrbanAir to transition the product development to their own internal team.

"The app works seamlessly without any bugs or crashes. Atta Systems managed to stay within budget and in the end, they delivered additional services at no charge. The team is punctual, professional, and communicative. Their skills allowed them to finish projects with enough time to make sure everything is truly polished."

Mihai Rotaru

Founder, UrbanAir



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