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The biggest law book publisher in Romania goes digital

Editura Hamangiu takes advantage of new technologies like cloud, AI, language processing and digitalizes the access to their premium content. Law professionals and students have access to 100,000 books, research papers and articles online, through the Biblioteca Hamangiu web platform, by paying an affordable monthly subscription.


For the past 15 years, Editura Hamangiu has been the main publishing house for law books and law related materials in Romania. It understands the need for a strong online presence and as such it published its books and materials online in order to be relevant and accessible in the current modern world.




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Our Support

We supported Editura Hamangiu with user research to understand how to build new features, see the impact of the new versions or understand how new user types are using the system.

We took a careful approach with UI & UX design focusing on user centric design, user interviews, wireframes, prototypes, stakeholder interviews, user flows, use cases and scenarios. We went on with the web development and backend development of the product by using React JS, node.JS, Elastic Search, Docker. We contributed with software architecture including system design, layered architecture, domain driven design.

Proposed Solution

With our help, Editura Hamangiu has digitally transformed its business, making their content available digitally.

The customers are law companies, judges, prosecutors, and students. The web platform has a built-in e-book reader and a built-in search function that allows the user to do really quick law research.

Security was a very important aspect, all the books are served page by page to the web client, with powerful auditing and monitoring behind the scenes.



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