Remote usability testing study for UiPath users

UiPath, the well-known global software company for robotic process automation, wanted to do a larger usability testing study, to get feedback on how their users are using their product. The sessions took place online and were organized to collect data efficiently and deliver fast conclusions.


UiPath is one of the fastest growing software companies ranking 5th in the world in terms of fastest growing SaaS company. UiPath helps organizations to drive efficiency and eliminate waste in business operations. It also enables non-technical businesses and lesser equipped IT departments with the tools they need to build time-saving automations. As such, UiPath needed a fast way to get feedback from their clients in order to improve business on the go.



Our Support

We helped UiPath by running Interview sessions with various types of UiPath users and recruiting them in a fast manner. This was essential for the success of the project. Afterwards, we compiled all the data in a comprehensive report that included our recommendations.

Proposed Solution

Throughout the screening, recruitment and testing process itself, we have maintained constant communication with the client. Our team made sure that they respected their style and working methods.

All interviews were conducted online in the presence of a moderator and observer. 

The designated team took care of analyzing the results and delivering the reports with conclusions.



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