March 9, 2023

Press Release: Atta Systems – the new brand of the Romanian tech start-up AB4 Systems

BUCHAREST 9th of December 2020 – The Romanian tech start-up AB4 Systems, the software developer of Medicai online platform and other successful tech solutions, announced the change of its name to Atta Systems. The company has a new brand and visual identity, but preserves   its core mission to create meaningful software products for its clients and their users.

Atta Systems has customers in the USA, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Singapore, and Malaysia. Among them, one can find internationally renowned organizations like UiPath, Carrefour or EY, World Bank, and other UN agencies, as well as successful medtech start-ups such as Medicai or SkinVision, mobility, and transport brands like Clever Taxi and UrbanAir or arts and entertainment brands like VRTW – Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine and Animest.

The company’s rebranding takes place in the context of the recent opening of a new office in Singapore. To complement this effort,  the company decided to rebrand and chose a simple yet memorable name.

While in search of a new name to represent us as a team, we reached out to our partners at United Pencils. Knowing our team spirit and appetite for innovation, they immediately thought of the Atta ants. The creative idea came from Ayven Sanderson’s book <<Creatures>>, in which he says that if man could acquire the knowledge that has been held by Atta ants for millions of years, we would reach the highest stars in just a couple of years. This inspired us and made us choose the name Atta Systems, as we fully recognize ourselves in the work capacity and determination shown by the Atta ants.“ — Andrei Blaj, Managing Partner and Co-founder, Atta Systems.

The new name, Atta Systems, plays the symmetry card, is easy to pronounce in most languages, and has an unexpected story behind it. Atta is a species of ants that live on the American continent and distinguish themselves through great organizational skills and passion for their work, being the only ants that practice agriculture in their underground colonies. These ants are also known for their ingenious communication systems. All these attributes define the Romanian start-up team: trustworthy, good coordination, and communication skills, but most of all, maturity and involvement towards the projects developed for its clients and partners.

Along with the name change, a logo was also needed to illustrate the new identity adopted by the start-up. Imagined and designed by United Pencils, the new logo can be decrypted in three ways: first of all, you observe the letter “a”. At a closer look at the logo, you can easily spot the essence of the start-up’s activity – 0 and 1, “the tools” that help Atta Systems team build software products every day for their clients around the world. Last but not least, you can also identify the Greek letters alpha and omega, symbols of the beginning and the end. They reflect the support provided to the customers throughout the product development journey, as well as the comprehensive range of high-quality services they benefit from, from the beginning to the end of the project.

In addition to web and mobile software development, Atta Systems also tackles state-of-the-art technologies in creating technical solutions for wearable devices, TV operating systems, Oculus VR / AR platform, conversational bots and interfaces, data science, machine learning and AI – predictive modeling, forecasting, statistical analysis, Business Intelligence / Analytics (BI / BA).

Even though we have a new name – Atta Systems, our mission remains the same: focus on building long-term relationships with our customers, extensively understand their needs and offer the best technical solutions. We have over 5 years of experience in the market and we are proud of being among the few companies that offer a complete journey: from defining the idea, product strategy and design, software engineering, to the launch and maintenance of the product in the market. At Atta we’ll continue to work with passion on difficult technical challenges and will stand out with a complete line of services focused on innovation. We do this by applying our expertise in machine learning, AI, data science, big data and more, in fields like MedTech, FinTech, Government and Administration.” — Alexandru Artimon, Managing Partner and Co-founder, Atta Systems.

Although 2020 has brought an unexpected set of challenges for all industries, Atta Systems has managed to face them and meet its development goals by opening a new office in Singapore. In 2021, the Romanian technology start-up aims to consolidate its activity in Asia, through the Singapore office, as well as to continue its growth and expand on the East Coast of the United States of America.

About Atta Systems

Founded in 2015, under the initial name of AB4 Systems, Atta Systems develops meaningful software products globally through a fine mix between software engineering and product design. The company operates on 3 continents, with offices in Bucharest, Singapore, London, and California. Atta Systems focuses on creating value through technology in a global context and has successfully delivered software products to customers in Romania, Europe, USA, and Asia. At the beginning of 2020, the start-up won the Romanian IT industry award.