June 19, 2024

Atta Systems is a Top Company in Singapore!

As one of the Manifest's top companies, Atta Systems has been featured in a press release from The Manifest highlighting the best companies and top firms from Singapore.

The Manifest's Top Companies Awards 2022 recognizes the top 15 service providers that have had a positive influence on their customers and partners. Each leader is picked based on the quality of their work and evaluations they received during the previous year. The award aims to help these enterprises grow and be recognized within the industry.

Atta Systems top company in Singapore

In the past year, Atta Systems has grown its presence on the Singaporean tech scene by bringing in more projects and growing the number of collaborations with previous and existing clients. Known as a high quality boutique agency, Atta Systems is becoming one of the main players in the area of integrated tech solutions development on Android, iOS and web.

With a fast growing excellent team, using the latest technology and programming languages, having an eye for details and smooth delivery, Atta Systems's focus in the near feature is to further expand our office in Singapore and our presence in South East Asia. We aim to create more impact by targeting verticals such as edtech, medtech, fintech as well as help governments and institutions to use tech for the benefit of people all over the world.

Atta System has received multiple awards and recognition, including being featured as a top Software Development Agency and a top web design agency by DesignRush and top Web Development Company and top Mobile App Company by TopDevelopers.co

Recently, Atta Systems has been recognized as one of the Top Mobile Development Companies by Vendorland.