June 6, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App In Singapore

Founded in 2015, Atta Systems is based in Bucharest, Romania, a region known for delivering reliable and innovative technological solutions. The company provides robust digital solutions that are ahead of times and has a team of incredibly creative software engineers. Andrei Blaj, managing director and co-founder of Atta systems, describes Atta Systems as a revolutionary concept that brings a unique selling point and attracts talent to the business. Atta Systems has helped big names such as World Bank, EY, UN, and OCHA develop software to advance these businesses towards their objectives.

Our process

Our process has three very important phases and steps we follow. For most of the products we work on, we repeat this process over and over again.

Phase I: It all begins with the Product Design

Here we focus on the problem, we understand your client and the user needs, we look at the market and the competition, we do stakeholder’s & users interviews, competitive analysis, contextual inquiries. Then we analyze the findings, translate them into prototypes and test them, we do research reports, user scenarios, user flow charts, low and mid fidelity prototypes, usability testing. This is how we visualize the solution. With all this in mind, we bring the product to life with design. This means that we build a refined solution that meets the user needs and offers a great digital experience. We do design systems, high fidelity interactive prototype and functional specifications that make it easy for anyone to understand what needs to be built.

Phase II: Then comes Technical Assessment

This is the part where we choose the best technologies for the product you desire. We define the software components of the system and how they interact with each other or which app development platforms we could use. And we bring together internal and external components into one system.

Our philosophy is that technology is a tool and we make sure we use the right tool for our problem. As experts in the field we know the pro’s and con’s of each technology and we can help you decide what is the right technology stack for your software product.

Phase III: Finally we move to Product Development

In this phase, we take care of software engineering which includes backend, frontend, mobile development, devops and many more. We also do everything related to data science, from machine learning and AI to data manipulation, visualization, and analytics. This phase also includes quality assurance and testing to guarantee a high-quality product. When all this is done, we help you deliver the software product to your users.

How it works:

Step 1: You share with us your idea and all the relevant supporting documents.

Step 2: We estimate the costs for phases 01 & 02 and roughly for phase 03, to help you budget.

Step 3: You approve our proposal, we start working together on the first two phases.

Step 4: Complete phase 01 & 02. We re-estimate the phase 03 considering the outputs of the first 2 phases, your budget and time limitations.

Step 5: We deliver a refined product in phase 03 and we proudly launch the product.

We repeat the steps above as many times as needed 🙂

How to choose the right development partner

Sure, we could just say “choose us, because we’re the best”. But the truth is, you should choose the ones who best fit your product needs. There is, however, a very important piece of advice we can give you: don’t go for the lowest cost providers. While you might save a penny in the development part, you will spend so much more trying to fix everything that didn’t come out right.

When choosing your development partner, go for expertise. Choose someone that has experience developing apps and browse their portfolio. You can go as far as testing one or two apps they developed to see first hand the quality of the work delivered.

Getting back to price

We don’t want to leave you hanging on the price subject and while we cannot say up front how much an app would cost you, we can tell you that a proof of concept or MVP can be developed with 50.000-80.000 SGD.

If you are curious about how we can help you, drop us an email here: contact@atta.systems. You can also check out our Atta Systems portfolio.