May 30, 2023

Goodfirms: Atta Systems Is Bringing Advanced Technological Innovation

Founded in 2015, Atta Systems is based in Bucharest, Romania, a region known for delivering reliable and innovative technological solutions. The company provides robust digital solutions that are ahead of times and has a team of incredibly creative software engineers. Andrei Blaj, managing director and co-founder of Atta systems, describes Atta Systems as a revolutionary concept that brings a unique selling point and attracts talent to the business. Atta Systems has helped big names such as World Bank, EY, UN, and OCHA develop software to advance these businesses towards their objectives.

The efforts of Atta Systems go beyond big brand names

Atta Systems has also funded startups to develop meaningful software products for their audiences, enhancing the efforts of entrepreneurs to deliver solutions that make a real and meaningful difference in the world. The team takes management, mentoring, and coaching seriously. The organization supports employees to accelerate their professional career growth, making the whole experience more than a job. The unit gets connected to medium-sized projects with several software elements and hard technical challenges which translate into growth and innovation. With each product it gets involved in, the team evolves technical and product leadership skills.

“We started Atta Systems because we believe technology will profoundly impact our society this century, and we want to be part of this.”

Andrei Blaj

No matter the project, the team is focused on two very important aspects: the product and the relationship with the client. This type of work process leads to higher technical and product responsibility and allows the team to help clients deliver a world-class experience to their target audience. The GoodFirms team took the opportunity to sit down with Andrei Blaj for an interesting discussion about how Atta Systems delivers innovation through product design and cutting edge technologies.

As a managing director, Andrei is responsible for company development and expansion. The team is inspired by great companies like Google, Facebook, and Spotify and it manages to advance while maintaining incredible service delivery standards. When they created Atta Systems, Andrei’s and Arti’s focus was on building a company that can impact the lives of people through robust digital experiences. Atta’s strategy was and still is putting the product at the center of everything, making sure they deliver exceptional technology with each project. In the end, only by doing things properly can the business be successful.

A well-rounded team delivers the best results

The seasoned software engineers on the team offer a unique blend of technology skills. The general approach to software product development is iterative. They like to work in small increments (1-3 weeks) allowing them to deliver results predictably, measurably, and easy to understand for any client. The experts at Atta systems are leaders in software product development as they bring business value to their clients by incorporating the best technology stack, domain expertise, and process methodologies. The expert group knows how to build scalable products in order to cater to the millions of users all around the world. With a global mindset, the team focuses on creating value through technology and has successfully delivered 50+ software products to clients from 3 continents. With such a proficient team of developers, Atta systems taps into the list of top software development companies at GoodFirms.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. There are countless reviews like the one below proving the quality of software delivered by the team at Atta Systems.

The company offers a whole range of services related to the products they develop and undertake. This allows them to work on large projects where the core products need to be expanded or interfaced to provide complete information systems. Andrei also spoke to us about mobile app development services that cater to clients of different geographies. The expert team of app developers crafts the reliable app solutions that target the client’s customers and bring value above all. With qualitative and quantitative research, the professional team gains key insights from their customers and key stakeholders. This guarantees they reach and deliver the best possible mobile app solutions. The team invests all their expertise, know-how, and technology skills in delivering trustworthy and competitive mobile applications. No wonder they are one of the top mobile app development companies in Singapore at GoodFirms.

Again, the reviews at GoodFirms speak volumes of the quality apps developed at Atta Systems:

If you’re curious to learn more about Andrei and Atta Systems, you can read the comprehensive interview published on Atta Systems' profile on GoodFirms.

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