Complete Software Launcher

Build and Launch your Software Product in three months

A thorough 12-week program to take your idea in Medtech, Edtech, or Fintech from concept to market launch.


You have a great problem solving idea. Can you turn it into reality?


Only 1 in 100 app ideas gets built and launched. Just imagine how many problem-solving and world-changing ideas never materialize. Why should yours be among them?

You’d miss out on

  1. A great tool and direct communication channel right in the palm of your users.
  2. The best way to get to know your customers or clients - is through an app.
  3. The proper way to stay in touch and keep close to your most loyal customers.


Built on the successful educational system in Singapore, EdXP greatly improves skills

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Atta Systems team. They were very thorough with the project, from conceptualization to execution. And it was effortless to communicate with them, we worked closely together as though we were part of their team. Atta also took the initiative to research our industry and contributed ideas to take the project to the next level. In two months from launch, thousands used the platform from over 50 countries. We look forward to continue working with them.”

Ervyn Tan

Co-Founder, Ed-XP

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Atta Systems’ Complete Software Launcher

A complete program to research, scope, design, build and launch your impactful software project. Our successful clients follow the same Complete Software Launcher to build the first version and get to market fast!


We go through the documentation and specifications, user interviews, we research the tech stack, team, and timeline needed to complete the project


We organize everything in initiatives, epics, and tasks. We create a project timeline, outlining all the activities needed to develop and deliver the software product


We work on the initial designs of the software project, screens, flows, UX and UI


Next, we’ll develop your software product having in mind quality for the user, reliability, security, and release as soon as possible;


We’ll finalize the 1st phase by launching the app or software product to the market, to gather early feedback and identify areas of improvement.


We help funded startups, high growth companies and international organizations deliver meaningful software products.


Cloud-based medical imaging infrastructure for hospitals and clinics.

Effective Interest Rate Calculator

Interest rate calculator, aggregating data, and helping banks work efficiently


Built on the successful educational system in Singapore, EdXP greatly improves skills

Aurora Project

Aurora for UNICEF - the first real-time system to identify vulnerable children

No need
to manage
a product team.


We take care of the development for you, from idea to launch.

Managing a product team can become complex. You don't need to do that when working with us. You focus on business outcomes and we manage the whole software product development process for you.


Mobile learning experience for empowered individuals

"They are really good and our app looks great. We received positive feedback from our users and stakeholders, which is why we decided to continue the engagement to integrate additional features on our platform. Overall, we’re super pleased with their performance. Their ability to solve problems has been impressive, by analyzing and providing effective solutions."

Emil Anton

CEO @ Alux

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Can you really deliver in three months?

The short answer is Yes. We plan together with you the best approach and decide which features to include in order to get the first version of your software product to market in three months.

How do I make sure that my software project gets built and advances according to plan?

We advance in two-week sprints. For each sprint, we decide together with you what we work on, and at the end of the sprint, we look at what has been done. You will be in the loop and informed at each step about what gets done.

I don’t have software development experience. Is this an issue?

No issue at all. If you have the drive, the vision, the plan, and the resources to get things done, we are here by your side to take care of all the tech parts. Simply focus on reaching your target audience and we’ll focus on a great software product.

Where are you located? Do you work with clients from certain countries?

We have offices in Bucharest, Romania, and Singapore. We’ve worked and are working with clients from all over the world, from the US or Canada to Europe, SE Asia, and more. We have experience and deep knowledge in communicating with people from different cultures and backgrounds to reach the same goal: a reliable, safe, and easy-to-navigate software solution.

Do you outsource projects or subcontract developers?

No, we don’t. All our projects are built in-house, with our own team and developers. We don’t plan to outsource projects or subcontract developers and have no intention to do so in the future. Everything we do is Made by Atta Systems.

How will we communicate and keep in touch during the project?

We’ll be constantly in touch through a dedicated Slack channel, emails, Zoom calls or Google meets or even face to face meetings. The sooner we get feedback from you, the faster we are able to implement and get things done.

Which is your ideal client, who do you prefer to work with?

Our ideal client is passionate about the field they get into and has the drive and will to build something great. It’s a best-case scenario to have the necessary resources to build the product and availability to reach the target audience. Ideally,  the project fits one of our core verticals: Medtech, Edtech, Fintech, Government & Administration.

Ok. I have the vision and know where I want to go. What’s the next step?

The next step is to Book a Discovery Call with Atta Systems. We’ll give you sincere and straightforward feedback on your idea, propose what we think is the best approach, and give you a ballpark estimate of the cost and time needed to build what you want. Our proposal stays true: we can get the first version up and running in three months!